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Can we meet you?
My name is Sylvia Nwoko, a native of Owa-Oyibu, Ika North/East local Govt. Agbor, Delta State. I live and work in Lagos Nigeria. A graduate of Foreign Languages (French major) from the Federal University of Benin, Benin-city, Edo state. I’m a Fashion Designer, Fashion Design Tutor, A free-lance Translator and a Content creator. 
How did you start the purpledot brand?Thatpurpledot started in Dec.2016 right after I graduated from the university. I initially started off as a fabric vendor on Snapchat and Instagram before I decided to create my first Female RTW (ready-to-wear) collection pieces in February 2017 and that was the beginning of fashion designing for me. Then sometime in 2018 I started the Luxury brand where my team and I, create Bespoke Outfits for both genders. I’ve always had love for fashion but I never saw myself becoming a designer in my early days but I knew at some point that I was going to end up on the entrepreneurial aspect of life. 
Are you basically invested in making gorgeous dresses at you facility, is there more to it?Asides creating my designs , we also offer mass production services for Wholesalers that do not have the capacity of operating a fashion designing outlet but can sell these products wherever they are located.  Thatpurpledot is also a fashion institution.

Interesting, how long have you been in the Fashion Industry? I’ve been in the industry for 3&1/2 years. Based on my experiences, the major challenge for me has always been getting loyal, selfless and capable tailors. I was forced to learn the skill myself in 2018 when things got really bad with my Tailors. A lot of them do not understand my brand vision which is to give “ VALUE” before anything else and they feel it’s just a “cut and sew” affair but it’s way beyond that. 
How do you unwind?A glass of wine or a cup of tea and movies or I read a book. 

Away from designing, what do you get up to?
Asides Fashion designing, I recently started teaching Graphic designing ( creation of animation videos) and photo editing. I also run a Thrift Fashion Store @niccosboutique on Instagram. 
What’s your philosophy of life?My Philosophy is “One with God is majority” and as long as you have FAITH in God and you believe in yourself, you can surpass every obstacle. 

Where do you see your brand in the next five years?
In the next 5years ( by God’s able grace ) Thatpurpledotcouture would be a household name. A force to reckon with, a well renowned and globally recognised Fashion House and institution. 
That’s wonderful. Are there other projects in the works ?
Yes, there are a lot of projects to watch out for, just follow me on my social media platforms so you don’t miss out…lol 
Instagram: @sylvielooner @thatpurpledotcouture and @tpdluxury Facebook : Sylvia Isioma Nwoko 
Which do you consider the best piece you have made at ThatPurpledot?
(Smiles) Every piece seems to become a favorite the moment we’re done creating them but I’m still very much in love with a Bespoke Dress, I made in 2019 cos it was a very luxurious dress made with a unique fabric and It was super exhausting to produce but the final result was mind blowing. You can check out @tpdluxury for more 

What works have you been remarkably influenced by?
 I won’t say “work in particular” but some brands have motivated me… the likes of Donamatoshi for Female bespoke designs, Seyi Vodi for Male outfits and Grassfields + SGTC clothing for African Ready to wear outfits. I naturally look out for these brands daily. 
Is there anything you would have done differently as a beginner, with your wealth of knowledge in the Industry now?
I sincerely wish I knew how to put in proper structure in the beginning of my business and also spend more money on strategic advertisements but like they say “we stay learning” 

What are the challenges you have faced in the Fashion Industry and what’s a step in the right direction for the Industry ?
 Standing out in an industry as saturated as mine is a huge challenge, one has to keep thinking of ways to create a niche. Plagiarism is another huge ordeal, the efforts Designers put into production and marketing, is a whole lot for some other people to steal their designs and reproduce them for less. I think we need a body in place for the fashion industry to stand and fight against plagiarism. 

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