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Tell us about yourself.
My name is Chinwe Onengiyeoforl. I am an accountant, a fashion designer, a makeup artist, wife and  mother to the two most beautiful children in the world. Most importantly, I am a devoted Christian.

How did you start Gabys_Concept?
After I graduated, I got Married, got a job,  and started a family. As one who is very eclectic I wanted to do more for myself and  attain fulfillment. With my love for makeup, fashion and luxury itemsI started up Gaby’s Concept  In 2017 then I sold basically Jewelries and other high-end luxury items. In  2018 I ventured into the beauty industry and birthed my own makeup brand. As my kids started growing up , I wanted them to be styled in certain designs but I couldn’t get what I wanted from the tailors  around me so I tried my hands  on sewing in  an amateur way. I started designing the kind of clothes I wanted for them with the help of videos from social media. People loved it and wanted me to produce same  for their kids so I said to myself “hey I could add this to the Brand” and that was how our kiddies clothing line came up. In 2019 I  then attended a prestigious fashion academy to gain professional knowledge on kids design and every other details on the fashion industry. That same year 2019 was a breakthrough for me as I officially launch Gaby’s kiddies  clothing line with top-notch senator  piece for boys  (Prince Collection)  and Haut  couture dresses for girls (Princess collection). we have made over 200 garments so far. I will say it’s been  pretty amazing how far we have come.   

Impressive, can you kindly share with us some challenges you have encountered pioneering your brand?
 There’s no business without a challenge.  so yes there are challenges as a fashion designer. for me the major challenge is accessibility to the right fabric needed for production as well as prompt delivery by the courier company  to our clients outside the States/ country  where our facility is located.  

What motivates you as a fashion designer?
Fashion designing  is all about creativity and having  artistic mind. It is the  dream of every designer to be the best in the world. What motivates me basically is the ability to make unique designs with good quality fabric such that I can be proud of and eventually make good sales and get more good  recommendations. 

Where do you see your brand in the next five years? 
In the next five years I see Gaby’s_concept becoming a household name. A brand to be reckoned with. I see more man power added to our team. I see all-round growth and expansion and Grace to achieve targets goals.

What’s your advise for young designers out there?
My advise to young entrepreneurs is they should be patient and focused.  Master their craft and keep being the best at what they do.

Where is your facility located ?
My facility is located at Alianz Arena Mall, (Shop 9)along NTA/Mbuoba Road, Port Harcourt. 

What is leisure for you , away from designing ?
I love shopping, I love having a good family time with my kids. I enjoy  travelling and visiting beautiful places around the world ,swimming , playing games such as Scrabble and Chess.

How do you balance the homefront and the demanding lifestyle of an enterpreneur?
 Being an  Entrepreneur is hard work. when you have to juggle balancing family and business , trust me you have to give it your best shot, to succeed. As a serial entrepreneur , showing up daily, putting my best in all  I do, not allowing myself to be pressured but seeing both roles I have to play (in my business as well as my family)  as blessing . Also, acknowledging the fact that I cannot do all by myself, I tried to delegate the workload  with capable personnel whom I can trust .Having  a dependable workforce has been the benchmark in achieving target goals and creating a balance both at the home front and as an enterpreneur.

 Thanks alot for your time.

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