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10 Lessons From Nehemiah Bible Study.

10 Lessons From Nehemiah Bible Study.

Who Is Nehemiah?

Nehemiah was the son of Hakaliah , a great man of God who was also the King’s Cup bearer.

Our focus in our Nehemiah bible study, are the lessons from Nehemiah we can learn when news came to him that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and its gates burnt with fire. Nehemiah 1 : 3

This altered his countenance such that King, Artaxerxes noticed.

The book of Nehemiah precisely Chapters 1 and 2  focuses on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

I’ll like to suggest you read through with the thoughts of the issues that direly need to be fixed or salvaged from wreck.

There are so many lessons to learn from Nehemiah which are absolutely applicable to daily living in our time.


1. All men go through travails.

You shouldn’t beat yourself ugly because there is a situation that seems a lot beyond your physical, emotional, financial or spiritual strength.

Even Nehemiah, a great man of God had a fair share of troubles.

He was so sad that his countenance pierced the heart of the King, Artaxerxes who sought to know why Nehemiah was downcast.Nehemiah 2:2

2. utilize every great opportunity in spite of fear.

When the King sought the reason for Nehemia’s countenance and concluded it was nothing but sadness of heart, he asked Nehemiah what he could do to ease his burden.

Knowing the high authority of the King, it is not strange that Nehemiah was afraid to bare his worry before the King.

However, in spite of fear, Nehemiah braced up, utilizing the opportunity to make known his request. Nehemiah 2: 2-3

3. God can place the burden of your heart before Kings and men of authority

When the King asked, “What is it you want?”Nehemiah 2 : 4

4. Pray without ceasing, even in the midst of bliss.

Even when it was glaring Nehemiah had found favour in the sight of the King, it wasn’t a time to relax.

Instead he prayed more before making his request known to the King.

That is humility, knowing that grace speaks and we need God not just in bad times but in the midst of bliss as well. Nehemiah 2 : 4

5. Grace speaks and we must acknowledge that.

Nehemiah acknowledged grace.

When his request to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem was granted  coupled with a few more to ease the process.

We see Nehemiah saying “because the gracious hand of God was upon me,he granted my requests”It is important to understand that we achieve not by our strength or strong networks but by grace!Nehemiah 2: 8

6. We all have enemies whom we do not have to offend to earn their hate.

Nehemiah had a fair share. What did the gates of Jerusalem or it’s walls do to Sanballat and Tobiah that gave them no choice but get totally engulfed with bile? Why were they so angry someone had come to seek the welfare of the people of Israel?See why people just hate on you for your little victories? No, you do not have to offend them. The prospect of progress alone suffices.Nehemiah 2 : 10

7. we must exercise caution in our daily living just like Nehemiah .

When he embarked on his journey, he told no one what God had laid in his heart to do.We must plan and conquer silently and men will eventually give glory to God when He perfects His desires for us. Do not be so eager to share your visions. Nehemiah wasn’tNehemiah 2: 12

8. Do not undermine evaluation

when things are broken and you need to rebuild.You must look into the roots and see why things went wrong, from different realistic angles; analyze possible solutions and procedures just like Nehemiah who set out at night to examine the broken walls in order to rebuild perfectly.Nehemiah 2 : 13

9. Enemies never stop even when you take off.

When Nehemiah began building the walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah who had talked him down resurfaced with more mockery. Infact I’ll call it strategic mockery. “What is this you are doing?” they asked, hoping Nehemiah’ will be so carried away as to let them in on his modus operandi. Totally laughable, the Nehemiah we know? That’s a No!Nehemiah 2: 19

10.  Nehemiah’s attitude towards hate and mockery was something worthy of emulation.

The attitude Nehemiah displayed in the face of mockery and hate was worthy of emulation.

He didn’t talk back at them but reaffirmed his faith in God without giving out the details of his well thought out works in response.He said, “the God of Heaven will give us success” Nehemiah 2 : 20

May we all see remarkable results as we apply these lessons in our daily living.

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