Dear Apostle Paul, GALATIANS 6:9 IS HARDIN’ US. I have read the Epistles and I’m thrilled at how easily God could turn an ardent atheist into a passionate believer. Indeed with God all things are possible. You were a strong man, your Epistles have greatly influenced my life , I marvel at your teachings, wisdom and passion for the gospel […]


Are you a Female Minister serving in any capacity? Here is a way to advance the Kingdom of God in your community. The Ladies Ignite Conference orgarnized by the International School of Ministry will be all you have craved for a higher grace and pathway towards fulfilling your purpose as a Minister . This is a 2-day conference scheduled for […]

10 Lessons From Nehemiah Bible Study.

Who Is Nehemiah? Nehemiah was the son of Hakaliah , a great man of God who was also the King’s Cup bearer. Our focus in our Nehemiah bible study, are the lessons from Nehemiah we can learn when news came to him that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and its gates burnt with fire. Nehemiah 1 : 3 […]