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Dear Apostle Paul,


I have read the Epistles and I’m thrilled at how easily God could turn an ardent atheist into a passionate believer. Indeed with God all things are possible.

You were a strong man, your Epistles have greatly influenced my life , I marvel at your teachings, wisdom and passion for the gospel but here is an honest confession. Galatians 6 : 9 is hardin’ some of us.

Do not grow weary in doing good it reads. This passage gets me wondering perhaps there is a world of difference between your time and ours.
The other day, I had counted again the money I had , stuck them back in my purse.
A while later I stepped out to make a phone call when someone walked up to me, Mr Festus. He told of his predicament which was typical of the present conditions of life in Nigeria but what touched my spirit the most was when he said he had a wife and child waiting on him and he would need some money to send home to his family.
I had compassion on him for letting go of pride to ask, for putting his family interst first.

I had a Fuschia pink gown on, I had a gorgeous hair shopped from @Regal Strands my face beat told nothing of the exact scripture I was holding unto at that point in my life, “that God shall never leave me nor forsake me”
Dear Apostle Paul, what I’m saying is he didn’t know I was equally facing challenges , having a bit of a Job experience.

Dear Apostle Paul, I was moved and I handed him all I had. Surely, the devil is relentless in his pursuit at ensuring we do not obey God’s word. It wasn’t long after I released the money a new need arose and the hunger I had tried to suppress , a colleague stopped by my desk asking why I hadn’t ordered lunch, reminding me of lunch I could no longer afford.

Dear Apostle Paul, this is the point where two persons need to hold me just like the two men who were hung beside Jesus on the cross of Calvary (He was truly bruised for our infirmities because when my door slammed on my palm accidentally, the longest five minutes of my life ,it was clearer only Jesus could have endured so much pain for sins he never committed)
I was headed home when I saw a beautiful lady hop into a taxi, her hair , brown and neatly braided and I saw Mr. Festus smile lustfully at her and tuck her hair properly in a manner too familiar to ignore.

I said nothing, I could only guess and of course I could be wrong but Dear Apostle Paul, I know family when I see family. I knew what it meant to go home to a woman expecting good news from her husband and to say, ” honey , there is no money.”

I said nothing.I didn’t nose around of course we have been admonished not to gossip but a report came to me to speak to Mr. Festus on his philandering nature which seemed to be interfering with official dealings. I couldn’t believe my ears when it was obvious brown hair was Mr. Festus mistress. Somehow this situation cleared out but when Mr. Festus came to me for a new sum, my flesh was weak and I didn’t help.

Dear Apostle Paul, again at the market the other day, a vendor had his wares in my face, “Madam buy, buy, help me, my woman get belle”

At this I turned back and I was going to get items I had no use for, I remembered Mr. Festus , I remembered another incident where I had shown compassion and I reached out to find out the welfare of the woman whom I was told was in labour and whose family needed financial aid but Dear Apostle Paul do you know that they blocked me on this Facebook and reduced my fan base by 1 , it was a long time ago but I remember that sour experience even as I write this letter.

My flesh again was weak because I imagined it could be a commercial bait. I left the market , I was in a hurry, I returned about two days later to find the man and make enquires if he had a pregnant wife really, if he did , I would have gotten twice the amount I should have but my effort with that didn’t go well as I couldn’t find him or those who knew him.

Dear Apostle Paul , there is another incident I’ll like to write you about but I shall do another letter but people have shown some of us ” pepper” for this Galatians 6 : 9 and sometimes I want to say I am not doing again but deep down compassion bubbles on the inside because there are others who have been nice to me , there are others who were sincere with their needs but when I remember the sorry tales of my pure intentions and good will , my flesh becomes weak.

Dear Apostle Paul, if we say we are not doing Galatians 6 : 9 some of us feel like we are loosing ourselves.
So, I read this scripture again and it says, “Do not grow weary in doing good for in due season we shall reap if we faint not”
Verse 10 gives us further guidelines and I have underlined these key words. “As we have therefore OPPORTUNITY, let us do good unto ALL men ESPECIALLY THEM WHO ARE OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH.”

Dear Apostle Paul, Galatians 6:9 is HARDIN’ us but we trust God to engrace us .

Greetings to you and all the Apostles .

© Merit Gogo-fyneface, 2021

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