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Most times, I find myself singing uncontrollably from my heart even in public spaces and I just can’t stop.

I worship with my whole heart , you should see me in Church you might just mistake me for one who is drunk. I don’t care, I worship like I am several years into the future God has promised me by His word, revelations and all.

I never care about who is watching, what I am wearing or all those sentiments that get us feeling puffed up as humans. For my maker, I’m ready to have my bare feet to the ground and my most pricy dresses soaked from spiritual exercise.

I was determined to attend Church against all odds that surfaced one fateful day. I got there, in my usual manner, danced real good to the glory of my Heavenly King.

I was lost in worship at some point, I couldn’t tell what was going on with me but all I knew was I was worshipping from the depth of my heart, a grand performance to my maker.

The few times I had opened my eyes, I saw some persons staring in a manner showing they couldn’t tell what was going on.

It’s typical of me to perform for my maker in the comfort of my home so why should I be found in public acting like the Lord is not good to me or like anyone could do all that he has done for me. I’m hardly that ungrateful.

I had danced for as long as the choir had offered high praise and in a few minutes, the congregation had sat to listen to the announcements, I did too but something happened.

Immediately I took my seat , I noticed a strong presence on the spot I had experienced pain for a very long time. A kind of discomfort I had resolved would have me placing my hands on there the next time an atmosphere of miracle was stirred. I noticed a stronger sensation, like lightening on the same spot and it disappeared as quickly as it came. From that moment, I never felt the pain anymore, a big miracle. I was delighted at how God could heal me in that moment I gave no attention to my worries but gave myself away in praise and worship. He can do same for you.

God loves us , he needs us to worship in spirit and in truth. Again imagine what would happen if I allowed those odds keep me from the presence of God?

This year strive to remain;

Pure – putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, making no provision for the flesh in regards to it’s lusts (Romans 13:14)
In His presence– because those mountains would melt like wax at the presence of the Lord. (Psalm 97:5) worshipping in spirit and truth, giving thanks to Him with your whole heart in the company of the upright and in the assembly (Psalm 111:1) because Praise is one sure step to a miracle.

God bless you and have an amazing year ahead.

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