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The demise of a great Minister in the house of God has stirred alot of reactions especially with allegations of domestic violence being a major factor which cut short the life of the gifted Minister, Osinachi Nwachukwu, may her soul find rest.

Is there anyone who has skipped a meal? Is there anyone who would not go about his business or life as the new week begins? I doubt there is. Even close relatives will grieve for a while. The world doesn’t stop for a moment for anyone and this is why we must put ourselves first when in harm’s way .

I believe in having an amazing Godly family, facing life’s struggles in love and oneness, prospering and waiting on the coming of Christ in love and oneness but at any point there is a shift from this either by;

✓Our insensitivity during courtship
✓The false hope that a proper union will mend ugly/dangerous habits
✓Or incredible deception of our partners unmasked in marriage.

The ball is now in your court. Would you let love destroy you? Would you pay attention to the careless whispers of the world and watch your self breakdown and then your life? No please.

Most times abusers choose to love on those all out for Christ, people with a sense of uprightness whom they assume would rather shield the union against all odds and sadly, abusers grow wild on that knowledge – that you would do anything including risking your life to make it work.

Here are a few traits of abusers if you are perplexed on how to spot them and here are signs you are presently in harm’s way.

-Abusers usually have a low self-esteem
-They try hard to brainwash their victims .
-They are easily threatened by your wins.
-Your financial stability scares them and by all means they coerce you into letting them control all of it
-They stop you from associating with your friends and family
-They are unable to communicate properly, always triggered by truths no matter how subtly stated.
-They threaten you whenever they can’t have their way and if you don’t move you would see they aren’t jokers on that.
-You don’t feel safe or free around them,always walking on eggshells.
-They take out all their frustrations on you.
-They present a false image of care and love in the presence of others. deny the pains they cause you and are hardly remorseful
-They are manipulative and twist your words to find a reason to blame you for their shortcomings.
+ The closest you would get to feeling happy around them is when they are in need of meals or intimacy and after that moment it’s goodbye to loving kindness (that’s if they don’t aggressively demand those based on their moods. Love is kind, love is everything stated in 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-6.

Please put yourself first, be truthful to yourself analyze the events around you and as much as it hurts, walk away while you can if you are in harm’s way.
Speak to someone who can help and receive help when it’s offered. Don’t get blinded by one good moment that you give years of hurt a new chance to thrive. What will people say? Let them say!

We pray that God opens our eyes to know truly those who genuinely seek a place in our lives for a blissful and peaceful lifetime together, we pray that more homes will experrienxe peace, abundance and genuine oneness, We pray that those who have made wrong choices will get the courage to walk out of harms way We pray that God would help us look out for each other in love.

May the Lord help us. Amen.

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      Sound advice.
      It does take courage to walk-away. We need to find it!
      Folks are overtly concerned with what others will say. People will always talk. They’ll never stop.

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