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 Can we meet you?
I am Ogezafe Ibimiluyi, from Edo state, Nigeria and a Mum of two.  

Opalz Clothiers, is a unique Fashion brand, how did it start? What was the motivation?

It started years ago, .mostly because I was bored, i had done some training before I gained admission into the university but i only made dresses for myself but when i resumed work at my Primary Place of Assignment as a Youth Corper, I kept getting enquiries on where i made my clothes and since I was mostly idle after teaching i invested my first allowance towards getting a sewing machine,and i was able to train two of my colleagues before the end of service year.

How long has this outfit been in existence?

I have been sewing for nine years.

  Where do you see your organization in the next 5 years?

Opalz Clothiers will be one of Ibadan’s foremost fashion design brand in no time.

What more do you do?

I also run a shopping outfit, @yourbabyshopng where I help nursing mothers with essentials for breastfeeding

Interesting,   What’s your philosophy of life?

Life is in phases , we should make the most of each phase.

Where is your fashion outfit located? Opalz clothiers is located at 19,Olatunde Obi Street, Olusanya,Ring road ,Ibadan, Nigeria.

Are there any projects we should be looking forward to from the Opalz brand?

Certainly, the launch of our debut bridal collection.

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