Tell us about yourself

My name is Ifeanyi Ibezim.  I am from Isiala Ibere in Ikwuano local government area Abia state Nigeria. The last child in the family of seven  Rev. Chaplain and pastor Mrs Oliver Ibezim. I am happily married to my FRIEND  Chisom, Anyanwu IBEZIM.

How did you get saved?
I actually I gave my life to consciously 2008. Why I said consciously was that my dad is pastor and way back if any one ask me this question, I will just tell them my dad is a pastor meaning that I even gave my life to Christ from my mothers womb.(laughs)  till that 2008 when I met Jesus in a music concert when my mentor Tonneil Avo was on stage. It was a whole new experience for me ans every since then it haa been beautiful all the way.

How did your career path as a Music Minister come to light?
Actually I have been Singing from when I was a child I have always loved music.  But my music talent came to light 2007 just immediately after my secondary school education.  When I joined a fellowship here in Umuahia Praisers family fellowship.  Senior Pastor Rev Ndubisi Ogbonna. I ministered in a major crowd for the first time in one of the major programs African praise.  With Rev Dr Uma Ukpai and Pastor Paul Agubata then.  That was how my music talent came to light. 

Did you ever feel you were not good enough in course of actualizing this passion?
 Hmmm…  So many times I felt i wasn’t good enough especially when i see and hear other music Ministers, it actually was a major challenge but I was able to snap out of it. 

EVANG IFEANYI IBEZIM. MD DE-LYRICS AND SPIRIT ACADEMY, a music Ministers training program. MD Sold out worshipers crew (sow crew). 

What genre of music are you into?
Well, for me I can say I am versatile, I can do virtually any kind of genre probably because of my background my family is a music family both my dad, mum and my siblings.  But I have this special love for REGGAE MUSIC And Contemporal. 

What is your creative process like?
Crestive process was not an easy one sha…  I started more with a copy and paste kind of creativity till I was able to understand music and ministry. Now I think God has been faithful helping me  and inspiring me. 

Are you engaged in other activities away from singing?
First, I am a graduate of Environmental Resource management  Bsc  from Abia University uturu.  Actually my life has just been rotating around music so I can’t really say away from music.  I run a music ministers training academy here in Umuahia,  where I training people with passion for music Ministry, then provide platforms for them to express their gifting . This is what I do majorly for now. 

For how long have you been singing? 

I have been Singing right from my childhood at list from age 3 according my Dad. 

Can you let us in on the highlights of your journey as a Christian?

Someone of the highlights of my life that has been instrumental to my life as a Christian is actually my family background.  My daddy’s life was and still is an major instrument in my Christian life.  He loved the lord so much and is committed to God so much.  He showed that life in God is the best kind of life ever.  We didn’t have much then but we were so happy and contented.  This was what formed my philosophy in that FINDING happiness and staying Happy is what matters in life and Godliness with contentment will always be great gain. 

Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?
I  have alot of people I look up to like  Tonniel Avo,  Freke Umoh,  Sammie Okposo,  Nathaniel Bassey,  William MacDowel but right from when I was coming up in music my major role mode was Donnie mcclurkin because I wanted to a global worship leader just like him.

What can be done better to get the Music Industry on a whole new level of progress?
First of , I want to start by thanking  our fathers in the music industry for the part they played in giving  the Gospel music a face.  People like panam Percy Paul,  chioma Jesus,  Sammy okposo, Esu ekiye, voice of the cross ( pastors Lazarus and Pastor Emma) and the host of other fathers that I can’t we remember now.  They really gave us face and the platforms we are enjoying.  Right now music industry is getting better by the day although so much still needs to be done such as more synergy with each other especially with the up coming musicians and artists. 

Which do you consider your best work?
 I have lots of songs especially from my first album The MARK but I think my recent work I did ALL CREATION.  Its the best for because it expresses my desire and my aim as a Music Minister and my aim to lead nations to God in worship someday. In the song,  I already saw my self leading nations in worship to God. 

Are there any new projects to look out for?
Yes, I wrote a book on music Ministry though not yet out because of financial constraints,  TITLED, “Dear music Ministers, your ministry just has to work” and am working on some other songs I wrote too will be out soon but meanwhile I just released my official video of my song ALL CREATION on YouTube and the next video of my song title LET EVERYTHING  will DROPPING  by 3july which is my birthday.  

What’s your message for aspiring Music Ministers?
My message for music ministers out there is this,  when you Minister out your love for God not what you will gain,  you will gain everything. If you Delight yourself in the lord,  He will give you the desires of your heart. 

Thanks for your time
Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am really grateful.  

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