Cars sat empty on Blueave, a vibrant street up town that made over fourteen luxury apartments and a few public facilities the talk of town.Ezinne walked into her Church, the third of one of Blueave’s finest for the midweek service, she was a true definition of a committed believer in patterns and diligence yet thought evangelism a herculean task , infact one for the primary leaders of the Church especially, the elderly ones who had lived out their youthfulness and barely had much to do’s.She was wrong! Evangelism is every believers responsibility.

You would feel haunted by the opening paragraphs if you had worse notions about evangelism. It’s alright, let’s talk!First off, can we really be “souled out” to Christ and. not care much about the salvation of those we love or find around us?We would be breaking the commandment to love if we did so,  again we would be disregarding the instructions of Christ who instructed we go into the world and preach the gospel.

Evangelism is a term used to describe the act of preaching the Gospel.
It is one of the primary responsibilities of every believer yet most believers hardly evangelize.
Alot of believers seem to shy away from preaching the gospel because they nurse these wrong notions ;
–  it is a special gift –  it should be left for primary leaders of the church (well you wouldn’t think so if you thought of the church as the body of Christ more than the building and various names given)- busy schedules – another set do not believe they should bother with the act of preaching the Gospel  when they are committed to the departmental activities annexed to diligently serving the Lord.We should do away with such beliefs and excuses.  This piece will expose us to a few tips that can make an obvious difference.


Evangelism is every believers responsibility. Christ instructed his disciples in Mark 16 :18 to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.In Mark 28 : 19 – 20 we are instructed to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything the Lord has commanded.

 1. Study : Study the word of God and research on the choice topic. When we are fully abreast with the Gospel of Christ  this will enhance confidence to tell of God’s word and goodness , 2Timothy 2 :15 Also,  you must arm yourself with right responses to questions that may arise to clear doubts and boldly tell of God’s goodness 1Peter 3:15.  Prepare a great message to share

2.  Prayer : Commit each act of evangelism to God , remember we are to pray without ceasing. It is not merely the act of sharing the word which brings people to Christ but the Holy spirit also ministers to them.We must learn to  invite the Holy Spirit as we step out to evangelize.

3. Appropriate Schedule : Choose an appropriate time for the activity. You can set out less busy days  to share the word of God . See that other personal engagements do not get you unsettled in between. Also, remember you can share the gospel even at work to colleagues and friends off working hours.

4. Establish a Relationship:  Ceating a relationship will ease tension , find out how the day has been, get to know a little more about the person you are sharing the word with.When you genuinely seek details of their well-being, they tend to open up easily and you can share the word of God while still taking cognizance of their needs.

5. Share your personal experiences and avoid condemnation:  We must be christ-like in all respects. Jesus hardly condemned those who were less like him it will be wrong to see someone smoking for instance and harshly condemn them in a manner that makes them defensive and defeat the mission of soul winning. Subtly  tell them of God’s goodness and you can also share your experiences before you were saved this will help them believe letting go of bad habits is feasible. Personal experiences and testimonies do awesome with Gospel sharing, in the absence of any, an anonymous believers  experience can come in handy.

6. Welfare Materials and Literature : Set out with Bibles, tracts, literature the new converta can feed on in your absence. Welfare materials such as edibles, clothing if possible should not go missing in our evangelism kit. Jesus also fed a multitude after ministering to them, welfare is important. Matthew 14 : 14 – 15

7: The prayer of Salvation:   Always round up with a prayer of Salvation for the new convert as this will be one of the acts that mark the beginning of a great   walk with God

8. Follow-ups : Exchange  contacts as well to enable you reach out to know more about their well-being and their journey in the faith.

 9. The Role of the Church: We must cease making the act of evangelism as a means of getting more members but to bring in more people to the body of Christ to receive the immeasurable gift of Salvation. Also, encourage members to evangelize more , orgarnize trainings and provide welfare materials and literature to aid evangelism.
It is important to note that apart from a formal approach of door-to-door evangelism , preaching in public places, we can evangelize in the following ways ; 
– through our lifestyle daily. Matthew 5 : 16- creative evangelism through our social media platforms , determine to affect your social spaces positively- beautiful spontaneous moments , engage in evangelism at every fine opportunity, it does not necessarily have to be formal.
May God bless us as we obey this instruction and may we receive grace to tell of God’s love unashamed.

Merit Gogo-fyneface, Editor, Sarima Magazine

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