It was such an honour to have the amazing Edo born singer, Rita Soul on our session, here is how she shared he faith and music journey with Sarima Magazine.

How did you get saved?

 I was eight years when my mother took me to Christ Embassy Church,  ikeja Lagos and  that’s where I got born again.

How did you resolve music was the deal for you?

I had joined the Church choir  since I was twelve years and at thirteen , I was already in the adult choir, so I was singing till I met my husband who is a music producer. He saw the talent in me and started producing my songs since 2012 till date he has been tremendously a great help. These songs were ordained by God and became songs known to many and that’s how I began to see the light in my career.

Did you ever feel you were not good enough as you grew in the Music Ministry? 

Yes , at some point I almost gave up filling I wasn’t good enough but my husband was always there to encourage me.

What genre of music are you into?I do a lot of genre like hip pop, rnb, church gospel, but my core genre is soul pop.

Tell us about your creative process, what’s it like?

I sing to my husband , sometimes he corrects the melodies and lyrics, some times he just goes-ahead to produce the songs .

Interesting, away from music what do you get up to ?For now I’m a stay at home mum of three wonderful kids. I pray and speak in tongues for hours daily

How long have you been singing?I’ve been singing for twenty-three years

Wow! Totally amazing. Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

Sinach is one person I look up to.

Can you say we are doing well in the Music Industry especially in relation to Gospel Music?
The Gospel Music Industry could use  a lot of support from sponsors.

Which do you consider your best song from all your works?
 As we pray, that’s my favourite.

Are there new projects we should look out for from the amazing Rita Soul?

Yes, the video ,  AS WE PRAY will be out shortly, we are almost done with the video shoot.

What is your Philosophy of Life?
The word of God is my everything. This word is all I am.

What’s your message to your fans and aspiring musicians out there ?

Thanking my fans for the love shown towards me .To every aspiring artiste please, don’t let anything discourage you from achieving your dreams. If there is anything you  must not abandon , it’s your work. Keep working don’t let anything distract you. Your work should be your source of encouragement. Keep working against all odds and excuses you will get there  no matter how long it takes.
No excuse is great enough to give as a result for failure.

Thanks for your time.
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