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Can we meet you?

I am Esther Ijewere, a social activist, writer, author, convener of several empowerment projects. Mom to 2 wonderful girls and above all a child of God.

You are very passionate about women’s rights and matters affecting the female folk, what’s the drive?

Passion for humanity and affinity for change. I love to see voiceless women have a voice and thrive wherever they find themselves.

Your organization, Women of Rubies is changing the narrative for alot of women, can you tell us more about it?

Women of Rubies was created specifically to celebrate inspiring women with exceptional stories, the aim is to bring the story of these women to the fore to inspire other women who are finding it hard to own their voice in the society. For us every woman counts, from the professional woman to the home maker, as long as you are adding value, your story is valid.

 What can we do better as women that will set us far apart from where we are right now?

To truly support ourselves, not eye service support, just to be seen and heard, but intentional support to lift another woman without telling anyone you adjusted her crown. 

Are there proven ways Christian women can achieve and conquer in a fast evolving world like ours?

Be proud of your association with God, Be proud of your faith and religion. These factors will not only open the door for you but also keep you inside. I usually tell people that many of my blessings come from publicly acknowledging God and his authority  in my life.

Away from the laudable works with your organization, Women of Rubies, what do you get up to?

I am a Mom, smiles! That’s the most important and best job I have right now. I also run a platform for men in my bid to seek balance and let people understand; Men also matter in the society and their contributions should be acknowledged. I am also a columnist and ghost writer for several media platforms, all this I am able to do with the Grace of God and because I am always willing to take my light wherever he command

What’s your philosophy of life and advise for those who look up to you?

Be yourself and do you always. Never compromise your standards or values, be open to learning and growth. Don’t seek validation for your purpose. Live and breathe.

Are there any projects we should be looking forward to from your facility?

We kicked off or #CovidHero Project through our Men Who Inspire Initiative, to showcase men who are adding value during this pandemic, and to promote the culture of kindness in the world. It started on May 15th and it will run for the next 10 weeks by God’s grace.

Are there remarkable life experiences you would like to share to motivate someone out there?

When God gave me the Women of Rubies vision , I hid for 2 years for fear of being seen as doing too much, Oh well God then started troubling my dreams with women who are in circles clapping or doing one activity or the other, It became so frequent that I couldn’t help but make the move eventually in 2015. That’s one life experience I will never forget. The same platform has won many awards than any of the previous projects, and also become like an household name , where every woman knows she is worthy of being celebrated and recognized. I want  eveeyone reading this interview to always be willing to surrender to God’s assignment. When he gives you a vision, he makes way for provision. You can’t run from your destiny, especially if it’s tied to other people and the glory of God.

What is success mean for you personally and for your foundation in years to come?

For me success is helping someone who can never pay you back. If you can attain that position to always want to be there for others; with your time and whatever resources God has deposited in you, and your ability to fix other people’s crown without being scared of yours falling. That’s my personal view of success and it is also spreads to my organisation.

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