So you have been immensely blessed with all that you have prayed for,; your career expectations have been manifested, this is what we seek as God’s children;  that our desires come to fruition. Congratulations!We definitely do not intend to get you all gloomy for what should infact be such a pleasant ride , but we are bent on giving useful tips for attaining spiritual balance as a twenty-first-century go-getter.

Jesus went about doing good and as you know his disciples were hardly idle. Matthew was a Tax collector, remember. Paul who was an ardent preacher of the Gospel was a Lawyer. Idleness is hardly encouraged amongst the Christ like ; a combined reading of  Hebrews 6 : 12 and 2 Timothy 5 : 13 shows hard work is encouraged and the negative effects of idleness is emphasized. 
It is alot easier to get caught up in sinful pleasures being idle . Remember what the Bible says about an idle mind being devil’s workshop ….. Let’sget practical, cast your mind  back  to one of the totally nasty activities you got caught up in sometime,  can you recall it had alot to do with meaningless thoughts that stole in while you were idle?
Don’t give the devil  a chance in your life to wreck the countless privilege of Salvation. Find the least profitable thing to get your hands busy with through;  talent knowledge or skill . However, as terrible as idleness appears for us Christians, we must also note it is quite possible to get busy with legit activities (your career as a medical practitioner , running a profitable hairstyling business or becoming the musician you had once aspired) and yet have an unhealthy spiritual life.
Your spiritual life will most likely suffer a great deal despite being meaningfully engaged if you have not mastered spiritual balance and this piece is out to showcase tips on how to achieve balance as a twenty-first-century career or business person.

1. Observing quiet time

2. Honesty

3. Contentment

4. Moderation


We know how demanding work gets, proposals, deadlines, etc coupled with  family life as a man or woman. it could get very easy to jump out of bed , head into the bathroom, skip breakfast which is an unhealthy pattern by the way and dash into your office/business space.
Little drops of water makes an ocean conducting the affairs of our lives without having some quiet time to seek our maker and know Him in spirit and truth is not a healthy Christian culture. It is imperative that we apportion time to most of our activities to help us observe our quiet time. This can be easily done by having a schedule that gets most of your next day line up sorted the day before.Have you ever noticed how productive days you communed with God first turned out?Jesus understood the need for quiet time when He took some time out to pray , away from His disciples. Matthew 1:35 – 37


Honesty is a worthy virtue.We are either employees or employers answerable to other person on whom our earnings are hinged . It is inevitable that sometimes unforeseen events surface disrupting plans, schedules, etc which are instrumental to our career or businesses.What do we do at times such asĀ  this when a lie looks like the convenient thing to do.Sometimes it appears we get into more trouble having done the right thing but a clear conscience before God and man is golden, Acts 24 : 16.We should choose our Salvation over prosperity and trust God to come through for us.


Contentment this is a very important trait as alot unholy acts are birthed  from the absence of this virtue. When we  are not content it breeds jealousy which results in gossip, nursing evil schemes against each other. It is best to stay content as as we seek the Lord’s mercy for growth and progress. This is not to say you shouldn’t reach for great heights in your career or business but unnecessary comparison with highfliers in your industry, colleagues etc will drain you and possibly get you caught up in the wrongs; stealing, lying, bearing false witness, etc While we seek our growth we must endeavor to do things right, as we await the coming of our Lord. 1 Timothy 6 : 6


Philippians 4 : 5 emphasizes moderation. Showing  up at your office or business place requires you turning up in formal and classy outfits. You did not know? Well , you have got to let your light shine you know but while you are at it , remember moderation is key.
It  shouldn’t develop into a fashion contest that gets you stealing and exemplify ing coveteousness to stay tops.God’s children must practice moderation. While it is important to socialize and stay abreast with useful facts in your work space , it should not lead you to engaging in idle talks. 
May we receive grace to do the will of our Father even as we do exploits.

Merit Gogo-fyneface, Editor, Sarima Magazine
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