Who is Kaine Robbie?

I am the founder of Crimson, a multifaceted media, entertainment and educational organization which blesses lives, ignites imaginations and inspires possibilities via our collection of short stories, comics, animations and films. 

His love for kids has seen him begin his creation of short stories for kids such as Little Willy and The Wolf, Tumini;The Awakening, The Warrior Princess and lots more. 

I am also a content creator and freelance Copywriter and when I am writing, you can find me watching cartoons.

Your Organization, Crimson is a reputable story telling outfit. How did it start? What was the motivation?

Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself doing anything related to what crimson does. I didn’t choose crimson, it chose me. I didn’t decide that I want to create an organization which will tell stories that will bless individual and enable them experience encounters of the God-kind. I didn’t even know how to write a story, but consistent sitting under the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Mouldbreak Institute of Change, allowed the river which is crimson, flow freely from my belly.

Each day since its birthing has been an adventure, one where I simply follow the trails and promptings of Abba as he builds Crimson through me.

Since its birthing I have been motivated by the testimonies of people who have been blessed by reading the stories. If one person can experience healing while reading a crimson story, if one person can find answers to life’s questions while reading a crimson story, then this is enough motivation for me to keep writing these stories which will keep blessing lives for a life time!

How long has this outfit been in existence and where do you see your organization in the next 5 years?

Crimson has been in existence for two years now, actually crimson will be three years this may, 2020.I In the next five years, I see crimson at the point where we are a household name in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and several other countries of the world. 

When people think of wholesome, quality and spirit lifting soul food, crimson is top of mind.

When they need cartoons and comics for their kids or for adults who indulge in this, crimson is top of mind!. When people need an organization that will change the face of their educational and entertainment sector, crimson will be top of mind.B Basically we are talking about nation and continent wide domination in the entertainment and educational sector in the next five years. 

Away from  running Crimson, What more do you do?

Well, for now, I work with an organization whose reading program for kids is innovative, fun and designed to ignite their passion for reading. H

How has the Crimson brand impacted lives? What are your challenges so far running your story telling brand?

I can boldly say that our ever increasing audience base love our stories. So far there is a high demand for more crimson stories from our audience in and outside Nigeria. Also, one of the desires that has been consistent in our audience is to see the animations of Crimson stories and we will make this desire come to pass for them, this year, maybe… just maybe.

So far, not having a website has hindered our reach to a wider number of people and we hope to get one soon. A facility of our own outfitted with all the necessary equipment’s will also greatly improve the quality of our content and the number of stories put out per month.

What’s your philosophy of life and advice for aspiring story tellers around the world?

My reality is what God’s word says, not what I see happening around me. If there is anything I need to see, I create it by simply speaking in line with what Abba has said and it will come to pass. That which I say, I always handle and this is possible because Christ died for me and shed his blood which is always speaking positive things for me. This is my philosophy of life.

My advice for aspiring storytellers around the world is this; be you, there is only one you and you are simply amazing. Be you, stay true to you, and write from your heart!

Are there any projects we should be looking forward to from your organization?

As a matter of fact, yes! You can look forward to the release of the hard and soft copies of Crimson Stories first mint edition comic titled LITTLE WILLY AND THE WOLF! 

Thanks for your time.

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