“I like you.” The words proceeded with wit and audacity. The kind of audacity coated with influence. Good a thing the split unit wheezed noisily in the cozy office at Trans Amadi. All around the office, everyone poured over documents on laptops to ensure their jobs were perfect. This is the kind of hypocrisy that is awakened when the executive arm […]


“Ishi-gba wa koi, ” Nnenda cursed at the man in the black jeep that sped past her almost soiling her outfit. She straightened her flared gown made by Izibesome and resumed scouting for a cab. She stopped a blue Mazda that approached her intently but the driver suddenly sped past with the arrogance of a taxi driver on chatter. “Stupid man […]


The dogs from the neighbouring flats barked incessantly Adaobi could barely sleep.She wrapped her polka dot, off white silk robe, making way into the livingroom to turn off the TV as the noise filtered into her room.”You are up? “Sister! Good morning sister””Yea””Why are you up so early? “Amaka laughs and signals her to turn on the light.”I just got […]


S.K Modupe’s Apparel sat off the popular Dada Estate .Oluchi insisted her Aunt had made such a poor choice in location. “We would make twice our earnings if we were on the express Mami,” she would say.Modupe didn’t think the same especially as her clothing store was the largest in Osogbo and women from all walks of life stopped by […]