Can we meet you?
My name is De-Ola, I’m a Gospel Music Artiste . I am married with three beautiful children, I was born into the family of five siblings and I’m the fourth born.

How did you get saved?
I got saved while I was on campus, I came from a Muslim background and I gave my life to Christ in my third year.

You are a Gospel  Artiste , how did this talent come to light?
I was singing even before I gave my life to Christ, My father sings very well, my Grandma sang too, before she died,a very talented singer I must say.

Did you ever at any point feel like you were not good enough at any point in your musical career?
There is no time I ever felt like giving up in ministry ,one thing I’ve been able to do for my self is to know that there is no success story without a past, I see music as a journey that needs focus and the ability to keep working in the path God has chosen, there won’t ever be a day of regret even though there are different challenges but your connviction keeps you moving on.

How would you describe your music genre or style?
I do not sing a particular genre of song, be it raggae, Yoruba. God  has blessed me in that way.These songs come mostly in the place of prayer and worship.

Away from music what else do you get up to?
I work too, I’m an MD of an Engineering company, I really do not only sing but i also work.

How long have you been singing?
I’ve been singing in the choir right from school, almost fifteen years now.

What is your philosophy of life and what is the highlight of your life that has been greatly instrumental in your life as a Christian?
I believe so much in God, that if the lord is on your side you can be anything.Life is a fleet and we are here to live purpose.

Who do you look up to in the Music industry?
I look up to Sinach alot, because she is one of those ministers that inspired me to do much when I joined this ministry.

How would you describe the Music industry as a Gospel Artiste and what can we do  do better?
Music ministry is really thriving now, I can look back and tell this was not where we were five years back and this is not where we will be five years coming, even the most secular guys know that these guys are coming and they are coming strong..

So tell us, which do you consider the best song you’ve released so far and why?
A lot of times I’ve been asked this question and it’s difficult to say this, If you listen to my song then everything is a huge blessing, so I really can’t tell which one of these is my best right now, though there is a new release soon and I’m thinking this is going to be one of the best but the truth is I really don’t have a best song amongst my songs ,everything has been beautiful.

You released a new song, “BREATH” on your birthday last month. Do you have any new project we should look out for?
Definitely!I’ve been working on a concert but the covid-19 pandemic held us back, just waiting on the right time to launch.

One message for your fans out there and aspiring Gospel musicians as yourself.
To all my fans, thank you for believing in me, if you are out there aspiring to be a Music minister or artist I pray for strength and also pray, pray and pray hard, it can only be made possible in the place of prayer.

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