Can we meet you? 
I am Shade Kings Oyewusi. I’m a Gospel music minister, singer songwriter, Artiste, Pastor’s wife, Mum and an educator. I am happily married to Pastor Niyi Oyewusi and reside in Canada with my family

How did you get saved?
I got saved first as a young growing girl around 8 years old but then I didn’t  have the full understanding of  what I was doing but I remained a good church girl. After then in my early youth I consciously got saved in a in a youth meeting in the year 1990.

You are a music minister, how did this talent come to light?
This talent came to light while I was in the university back then in Sokoto state. I belong to the NIFES fellowship, I was in the choir and in another band called Jesus Train. I started ministering powerfully and I was made the Choir coordinator of NIFES fellowship back then. I released my first Album titled: Touch me Lord and it was the hit in the university back then. Ever since after university days, I’ve been a music minister. 

Did you ever at any point feel like you were not good enough?
Yes, you know in life there are times when you will feel the ups and downs. There were times when I felt down but thank God for my able Pastors and friends that the Lord has surround me with who has believed in me and fanned to flame this gift in me with Invitations, prayers and words of encouragement. I have great friends and family who would always tell me that I’m going to go paces with this talent. Most importantly, I encouraged myself in the lord through the Holy spirit in me and the support of my parents and siblings I continued to move on. 

How would you describe your music genre or style?

My music genre is Gospel, R&B, Afrobeat style of music but I am boxed in to one category as I am versatile.

Whats your creative process like?
My creative process was a natural one. The talent is natural and so I just sing as led by the Holy spirit. I get my songs mostly in the place of being alone with God. I listen to many gospel artistes and mentors and have been on many choirs and bands. This helped me build up my confidence and talent.

Away from music, what else do you get up to?
Away from music I am a teacher of the word and I am also a licensed Canadian teacher. I love travelling, cooking with my son and family movie time. 

How long have you been singing?
I have been singing since I was about 8 years old.

What’s your philosophy about life and what has been the highlight in your life that is greatly instrumental in your life as a Christian?
My philosophy about life as a Christian is that Christianity is not just going to church on Sundays, but it is a lifestyle that we need to live daily. 

Who do you look up to in the music industry?
I look up to Tasha Cobbs , Panaam Percy Paul, Cece Winans,  Sinach and Ada.

How would you describe the music industry as a gospel artist and what could be done better?
The music industry is amazing, and the diversity of singers are superb. One thing that can be done better is that the gospel singers in the music industry should not strive to be like the world.

Which do you consider the best song you’ve released so far and why?
Miracle Worker is my favorite song that I have released so far because it can be sang anywhere at any time and its’ universal. It is also a very powerful song. 

Do you have any new project we should look out for?
Yes, stay tuned for something great.

One message for your fans out there and any aspiring gospel musician as yourself.
Be consistent, don’t give up and keep persevering through all the hard work because it will pay off in the end if you don’t faint. Consistency is very important put your trust in God.
Thanks for your time.

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