Can we meet you?I am Aghogho, known as Aghoghomusic. I am a wife, a mother, a human resources professional by training, I love maintaining relationships with people. I’m a lady with a heart for God who desires to give hope and inspiration.

How did you get saved?My salvation experience was actually a re-dedication to God because before then I had given my life to christ severally as a small child who was naive. This time I was about thirteen.

You are a music minister, how did you get this far ?

I developed the love for singing at a tender age, then I got exposed to song writing in boarding House at secondary school. I also loved listening to gospel music growing up and these formed the desire in me to want to sing songs that offer hope and inspiration to people.

Did you ever feel you were not good enough at any point?Yes because I heard a lot of people around me sing better than I could sing.

How would you describe your music genre or style?I would say it’s diverse at the moment.

What’s your creative process like?Usually I start with what I have within me, my thoughts, then I match them with what I have around me, then if I need resources outside my circle, I reach out for them.

Away from music, what else do you get up to?Cooking, reading, checking up on people, spending quality time with friends and family.

How long have you been singing? I have been singing for about thirty years now.
What has been your philosophy of life? I am big on dying empty, being the best you can in all you do.

Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

Definitely a lot of people but just to mention a few; Sinach, Ada Ehi, Sammie Okposo, Tim Godfrey, Tasha Cobbs, Lauren Daigle.

How would you describe the Music Industry as a Gospel Artiste and what can be done better?The music industry is such a creative one,there’s so much that can be done around music and gospel music in particular which is more powerful since we come from the stand point of the word of God.

In Nigeria, we could have better policies that favour artists, making them earn proper royalties on their songs. This would further encourage others who want to become artists as well.

Which do you consider your best track and why?‘Than before’, my latest release.
There’s a certain depth and connection that comes with the song, which I don’t have in any of my other songs.

Should we expect new works from you soon?Oh yes, definitely, there’s always something cooking when it comes to Aghoghomusic, there is so much in me for the world.
There is this Inspirational Ep I am currently working on, to be released 2021 by God’s grace

One message for your fans and aspiring Gospel Artistes.

It is possible to achieve your dreams with hardwork, determination,planning and prayers.

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