Can we meet you?

I am Favour Osiri- Wisdom. A certified marriage mentor, author, encourager, inspiration to women, a Co- pastor, wife and mother to 3 biological children.

Your Organization, is a top relationship outfit. How did it start? What was the motivation?
The Wisdom Driven Academy is a blessing and a solution to relationships. The academy kicked off in 2016 as a result of the numerous counselling issues that keep pouring in weekly from our radio show Family Matters on Nigeria Info PH.
We decided to be proactive to use the academy to enlighten and prepare intending couples for the marital journey ahead. The academy also equips already married couples with skills on how to build their marriage. This is because we found out that building a great marriage requires skills. We all went to school to acquire knowledge and that’s why we are skilled in what we do. Marriage requires learning, relearning and unlearning.

How long has this outfit been in existence?  
Firstly we started a radio show and then the marriage academy started fully in 2016. So it will be four years this year since the academy started and there has been numerous positive  transformations

Where do you see your organization in the next 5 years?We are already running other programs apart from the marriage academy. We have a specialised program for deeply troubled marriages called “Save Your Marriage Program”
We also runs non- denominational pre marriage program for those who want to get married. So in five years we are working to have a marriage resort and retreat facility which is a fully equipped training facility and a place where couples can relax and bond on a deeper level. We are also working to take the marriage academy online. 

Away from the coaching facility you run, What more do you do?
Yes. I also run a mentoring foundation for women called the ModelWoman Foundation which kicked off in 2017. We meet weekly online and this we have been doing for the past 3 years. We organise weekly seminars and prayer sessions. 
I also have a mentoring program called Life advancement Program for ladies.I am also the convener of the mom and daughter ball and couples spark.Lastly I am also a business woman. My life is that of adding value and encouragement .

 How do you balance the home front with this God-Given Ministry ?
For me, family is first so everything has its own scheduled time. Proper planning and delegating has been helpful. So I delegate and then focus on the major.

What’s your advice for intending couples? 
Marriage requires skills. Be a life long learner. Understand that marriage does not give joy. Joy is in you and your intending partner and both of you will bring it into the marriage. Be selfless in your relationship

Are there any projects we should be  forward to from your facility? 
Yes! Couples Getaway! Online marriage academy! 

Thanks for your time.

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