Can we meet you?

I am Agbani Horsfall, dwelling in the Holy ghost. Caretakers of three first class children, married to an amazing man. By God’s grace I’m a minister of the gospel and an entrepreneur.

How did you get saved?

I’ve just always found myself loving the things of the Lord from a tender age and then when I was in the university I rekindled my passion for Him, became a leader in NIFES(Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students) and a role model to others. By Grace, I am still walking the Walk of Christ.
You are a music minister how did this talent come to light?
Well , I guess when God says it’s time then it is.  Prior to this time, it has just been me leading church choirs and singing in choirs and groups. But in the later part of 2018 , the Holy Spirit led me on to releasing songs He had inspired in me and I had written down long  before then.
Truth is I struggled with it because I wanted to still be my simple self, still wanted to be able to do normal stuffs without criticism and you know the kind of lifestyle that comes with being in the lime lights but He assured me that He will be with me through this journey as it is in His word in Deuteronomy 5:33 “You shall walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with you, and that you may live long in the land that you shall possess.”

Did you ever at any point feel  you were not good enough?
It was more like..”Lord who are I that you chose to speak your words through me in songs”
I didn’t feel not good enough but I felt honored to be used in the ways he has and is still using me.
How would you describe your music genre or style?
Hmm…my dear I must confess the inspirations comes in diverse ways. When the Holy Spirit drops a song in my heart, it comes in different forms, so truth is I don’t have a particular genre. But you can listen to my album and tell me what you think about that.

Away from music what else do you get up to?
Well a couple of stuffs, I have a heart of helping others so I’m trying to set up a foundation. Besides that my duties as a mum of three is tasking and also keeping up with being a wife too. I’m also in the real estate and construction sector.

How long have  you been singing?
Wow…never really thought to think about it but I can say well over two decades.

What’s your philosophy of life and what has been the highlight of your life which has been greatly instrumental in your life as a Christian?My philosophy…LOVE IS THE BEDROCK OF LIVING.
You see, the love you have in your heart is the conscious man that speaks to you whenever you want to do something wrong towards a person or a project(because it could in turn affect a person) Besides love is the greatest 1 Corinthians 13:13.
The highlight of my life which has been greatly instrumental in my Christian race is my University NIFES days. Those times moulded me, strengthened me, shaped me and by those standards and the grace of God I’m still preaching the gospel.
NIFES is Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, it’s the best that can happen to any student on campus. The people,  the programmes, the teachings,  the standards… I’m glad I yielded to the service of God through that Fellowship. God bless them.
Who do you look up to in the music industry?
There are a couple of music ministers  I’ll be honoured to minister with because of the move of God in their lives, firstly my Pastor, Paul Eneche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre,
Minister Nathaniel Bassey, Minister Sinach, and plenty others then in the foreign Scene, Hillsong, Cece Winans, William mc Dowel. And many other

How would you describe the music industry as a gospel artist and what could be done better?

You see the gospel music industry I must commend has grown so versatile and broad that you’d see even unbelievers singing and being transformed by them. But we can always do better, you see I tell my friends that let the gospel reach the clubs and beer palors that people will hear a gospel song playing in club and dance then repent, let us host concerts as often as the secular artiste would.Let our radio stations just keep playing gospel tracks at anytime of the day and not just limit it to Sunday mornings only. Let the world know that Jesus is Lord.

Which do you consider the best song you have released so far and why?
Hmm… thats a tough one because every song is best and it keeps getting better because its the Holy Spirit that inspired these songs.
As I speak with you, there’s regea,  pop and a whole lot more genre of songs awaiting to be released
 Do you have any new projects we should look out for?
Oh yes… Alot.
YOU REIGN (with a mix of spanish)
etc. Alot though.

One message for your fans out there and aspiring gospel musicians as yourself.

To my fans, you’ve been amazing, Supporting me, praying for me, reaching out to me. Thank you God bless you abundantly and I Love you.
To my aspiring artists, DO NOT do anything without the Holy Spirit. Go to him for everything and watch God do Mighty things through you.

Thank you so much for this privilege,  I feel really honoured and blessed to be recognised in this manner. God Bless you

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