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I wondered why she had told the poor man over the phone she was already headed home, feigning desperation for a warm embrace or whatever home really meant on a rainy evening. The loud conversations gave her away, it was her husband.

Her knitted black sweater slightly taking in her lanky frame yet she fanned the coals with so much vigour while casually conversing with her neighbour, a kind that betrayed her lanky frame.

“Only five hundred, taa!” She yelled, shrugging at the thought of heading home without hitting her sales target.
The vendor seated next to her let out giggles that spoke more of a familiar trajectory on the same topic than interest in anything she had said.

She fanned even harder, ” your hot corn here, your hot corn here, hot ya body,” she said.

It had been the first thing that had made her adorable , the passion and determination with which she beckoned passers-by towards her clustered sales stand.

As I settled in the grey Toyota Camry which had been booked by a polite Pamdrive representative minutes ago, I pondered on the sites from the road side and it was clear the corn vendor was alot like most of us who break the people we love and subject them to tailored opinions influenced by our moods or present pains which may never fade.

Trust seems a big word lately and it’s no news that failed marriages are on the rise too.

Can we love wholeheartedly? Can we do the simple little things that turn out with positive effects on our loved ones.

The Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8 tells of the attributes of love; patience, kindness etc. It’s also important that we pay attention to the simple little things that count.

There are major factors that break up relationships; undue family interference, infidelity etc.

Let’s stop for a moment and strive to do the simple little things that take us miles away from the sorry tales we never want to tell.

  1. Resolve to put family first above other aspirations of life .
Family first.

2 . It’s not what’s being said but how it is said.

  1. Being truthful and transparent as the reverse of this eventually births betrayal
  2. Setting boundaries where necessary to avoid situations that leave us blaming the devil.
  3. Telling our hurts to God and directly to the erring party and letting go of hurts.
  4. Paying attention to things that light up our loved ones and finding time to do them.
Couple spending time together..

May God give us grace as we get intentional to be better people for ourselves and those we love.

Merit Gogo-fyneface is a Lawyer, Creative  Writer, Founder Sarima City and Editor-in-chief, Sarima Magazine.
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